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Monday, 20 June 2011

British Racing Green

Dark nails are my solution for dimming down a Summery outfit or to help take it from day to night. My new favourite moody nail polish is 'British Racing Car Green' by butter LONDON. Less heavy than gothic black, and edgier than red, this colour is unexpectedly versatile and sophisticated, not to mention perfect with a Winter wardrobe. 

Beep, beep!

Thursday, 21 April 2011

The Formula: Olivia Palermo

This socialite has been known to make some pretty bold choices in fashion, sourcing alternative pieces and labels, but she manages to always look so well-put-together and chic. Follow these three rules of dressing to achieve Olivia's eclectic-sophisticate look:

1. Clash your textures and prints:

This mish-mash of plaid, tweed and a metallic knit cardi works, because Olivia grounds it with plenty of black.
One of Olivia's signature looks is wearing print on print and texture on texture. This can be a tricky trend to pull-off, so make sure your look doesn't spell out overkill and incorporate pieces in similar colours e.g.: blues with blues and reds with reds. Another rule of thumb is to choose separates that are simple in design such as the clean lines of a shift dress or a classic blazer. The idea is to basically counteract the busy prints and textures by employing simplicity in other elements of your outfit.

Hardware detail and a textured brocade skirt are worn in the form of classic shapes in neutral shades.
When mixing textures, make sure the fabrics balance out each other well such as grungey leather with the roughness of denim. Olivia harmonizes tweed, wool and a cotton shirt. Each of these materials have a Winter-y feel and don't overpower one another. 

You may not think to team tie-dye with pretty florals but its a win when you wear them in similar shades of purple, gray and blue.

2.  Always make it ladylike:

Olivia never negotiates her femininity when she puts together an outfit. She always looks classy and sophisticated. If you look at all of Olivia's outfits, she rarely sports a low neckline, favoring boat-neck and collared shirts - eternally chic. When Olivia does show off her pins in a pair of shorts or mini skirt, she always does so tastefully in a tailored style and keeps it demure on top. Clothing aside, Olivia always has perfectly groomed hair and make-up. She counterbalances an an otherwise androgynous look with feminine curls and pretty make-up.

Olivia tones down the masculinity of suit with long hair and rosy make-up

If you're showing of your legs, cover up on top

Olivia keeps it classy by favouring higher necklines and tailored shorts

3. Add pizazz with an unexpected accessory: Olivia keeps people guessing with the way she smartly accessories an outfit. She injects personality with statements pieces that contradict the style of the rest of her outfit. I especially love the way she has taken preppy stripes and a beige cardi combo, and muddled it with an exotic jewel neck-piece below.

Olivia gives this classic outfit a twist with some standout jewellery

The textured fluro clutch takes this outfit from simple to interesting

Bright yellow heels add fun to an understated gray suit.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Trend Spotting: Python

Absolutely oozing with sex appeal is this seasons most ferocious print: Python. So add a bit of rock & roll to your look with a python clutch or pair of heels like these to-die-for Gucci lace-up sandals.

Nothing quite says 'wild', 'sexy' and 'free' like a flowy Python print dress - Roberto Cavalli Spring '11 RTW

Gucci from

Michael Kors $255 from

Don't be afraid to experiment with the look beyond accessories. Python print looks great in the form of a sheer blouse. The softness of the silk blouse will balance out the hardness of the snake print. Wear it with a pair of black skinnies and lace booties for evening or tucked into some denim cut-offs for a cool weekend look.
Equipment $395 from

$46 form

 My favourite way to wear this trend is boldly mixed with other prints as seen at Burberry Sprint 2011 RTW.  To avoid looking OTT, pair your python with prints in a similar colour scheme and ground the look with matching neutral accessories and simple hair and make-up.

Snakeskin and leopard print at Burberry Spring 2011 RTW

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Colonel Mustard, in the Hall, with the Revolver

More grown-up than lemon, and less shocking than Chatreuse, this muted version of the colour yellow is the perfect anecdote for your moody Winter wardrobe. Mustard yellow adds a lovely zing-zang to your staple Winter greys and beiges, without negating from the muted cold-weather-code.

Zuzzanna. W, Poland on makes it preppy with a crisp white shirt, marle grey cardi and cute bow-tie accessory.

The colour looks wonderful with Teal, Grey, Cream, Navy and if you're feeling quirky, try it with Turquoise Blue. Alternatively, stay on the warmer side of the colour wheel and team it with Burgundy or Cherry Red. Gorgeous.

Maddinka on contrasts her Mustard with a pop of turquoise. Wearing it with a classic black blazer and grey trousers, she keeps the look chic.

Go tonal like this lady from Texas and mix it with shades of red and tan.